Cartage & Jockey

On Time and Safely

​Look no further, Fleet Repair Solutions has you covered for all your Cartage Transportation & Jockey Services. We offer to pick up your Tractor and Trailers, within a 1500-mile radius from our shop, for repairs that are needed. Fleet offers Cartage services to all our customers. Our mission is to get your trailer to your customer on time and safely. We get the Job done on time and at a reasonable cost.

Are you experiencing issues with your Jockey truck, and you are at your wits end trying to get your units moved to and from the docks? Look no further, we have you covered. We have a for hire Jockey truck that can be leased to you at a reasonable cost and drivers that can service your needs.

Service Features

Check out some of the features that are included with our Cartage & Jockey service.

Repair Drayage for Tractor & Trailer (1500-mile radius)

A-to-B Transport (300-mile radius)

On-Site Jockey Service

Special order parts delivery

We Go The Distance

Give us a call. We can save you time, money, and frustration.